Custom Remodeling

“I love this house. I just wish it had….” If you find yourself saying this then it may be time to discuss a remodel.  Our custom cabinets can fit into any space or lifestyle and help change the whole look and feel of a room.  You don’t have to re-do the whole house.  Often, just changing a focal room like a den or kitchen will modernize and enhance an entire house. Let the pros at Dixon Custom Cabinetry show you just how easy and affordable custom remodeling can be.

One frustration is often trying to fit the two standard size cabinets that you can get from the big box store into your existing space. We look at your remodeling vision and what you want to do with the space and then we can custom build it to fit the space you have.  It doesn’t have to be expensive! We have multiple options to choose from. We can start with the lower priced Classic Line and show you the options. If that doesn’t work we have our Designer series with even more options. Are you ready to shoot for the moon? Then our Premiere line is where we can almost create whatever you dream. Let’s talk about your custom remodeling project and find out which one of our solutions works for you.