Detail Work

The details are where custom cabinets (and especially Dixon Custom Cabinetry) really shine.  We can maximize your space but also ensure that we are going to use products that last and will stand up to wear and tear. Unfortunately, the best details often go unnoticed. They may be the craftsmanship of sanding a door an extra time to ensure smoothness or choosing materials that enhance a finish. Then there are those that only you may know about like a hidden area for storing your cookie sheets or a spice drawer that truly makes cooking a joy.  Check out some of our more visible details in this gallery.

You don’t get standalone details from the out of the box cabinets. From finishes to carvings we can find the right look for your style. Each of our finishes from color, stain, and glaze can be custom created to find just the right amount of detail you’re looking for. We’ve found unique species woods and custom built spaces to make sure our customer has the look, feel, and functionality that they desire.