Kitchen Gallery

Kitchens – Most people will say it is the busiest room in the house. It takes the most traffic but it may also be the room where the most cherished memories are made. What do you have in mind for your “dream” kitchen? The beauty of a custom kitchen is that we can make that dream come true. You are not locked in to certain sizes or finishes. We can use our expertise to make your vision become a reality.  Look at some of the examples of what we’ve been able to create for our customers. View Gallery

Custom Bathroom Gallery

Bathrooms – For such a small room it serves so many functions…and we still want it to look good. With custom cabinets we can make sure that you get the right feel to the room the right flow to maximize space and the look you want to match your home and your lifestyle. The bath is your little sanctuary from the rest of the world.  Let us personalize one for you. View Gallery

Custom Built-ins

Built-ins – Watch any of the home design shows and the main tip they offer is to declutter. But how do you live with all of the things you need to get through the week, not to mention the collections we all seem to acquire, and still have a home that looks neat and tidy. The answer is often, built in custom cabinets.

We can help you show off or hide the items that you need to store. From beautiful open shelves to closed-off dust-free cabinets we can make your room shine.  And only you have to know what is really hidden behind those cabinet doors. View Gallery

Custom Remodels

Remodels – “I wish this house had….” We all say it no matter where we live. Unless you’ve built it exactly to your specifications there is always something you wish were done differently. Well with our custom cabinets, built-ins and case work we can make that room work for you.

Visit our gallery of design ideas and successful client remodels and look for just the idea that you need to make your home perfect. View Gallery

Custom Detail Work

Details – We know the construction and function of your cabinets are the key to long life and continued performance. But every day you’ll notice the amazing finish, great hardware and overall look of the room. We take pride in being able to create almost any finish you may desire. Our cabinets are custom made so that the small details are never overlooked and are often enhanced to make your cabinets…your room…your home really standout as one-of-a-kind. View Gallery