Custom Finishes


At Dixon Custom Cabinetry we work hard to find unique, quality products that enhance your room and will stand up to the day-to-day wear and tear of today’s modern home. We are proud to partner with great manufacturers such as Hardware Resources and Berenson.  We offer hardware as part of our finished projects or for sale through our showroom.

We’ve recently found a great line of porcelain tile that we are proud to recommend.  This line offers unique finishes and colors in a product that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Have you been afraid of custom cabinets because you assume custom = costly? We can show you that the way we can maximize your space and improve your efficiency can easily justify going custom. But when you look closely you may find that it isn’t that different from other estimates. And the quality goes a long way towards ensuring you’ll have beautiful, working cabinets, doors and drawers for many years to come.

But you still have options!

At Dixon Custom Cabinetry we offer three lines of finishes for our custom cabinets that help you save money when needed. some of our finishes can take up to twenty steps to get the level of gloss, distressing and color just right. But not every cabinet needs this level of work. So we offer other options that let you save money on your cabinets while still getting the quality of a custom-made, solid cabinet with outstanding features and function.

Call us today for an appointment to come by our showroom. We can show you options that will truly impress you and show you prices that will help you decide that you don’t want cookie cutter cabinets…you want custom to match your heart’s desire.