Taking Care of Your CabinetsProper Care for Coated Surfaces

Furniture that has been made to last, must be maintained and cared for properly in order to keep its quality in appearance. Due to its many properties, wood has always been a preferred material for furniture construction. All trees have their own unique character and individually maintain their strength, structure and sensitivity to light and moisture. Wood changes in character over time.

A few tips to follow for proper care and maintenance are:

  1. All liquids should be wiped away, at once. Moisture is the worst enemy of wood furniture.
  2. Tabletops should be protected against heat, liquids and otherwise colored substances. Always protect the surface when using sharp tools.
  3. Furniture made for indoor use should not be used outdoors. In order to keep the color of the wood, direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.
  4. Never put furniture directly against a heater or radiator.
Guidelines for Day to Day Cleaning

A soft cotton cloth dampened (completely wrung out) with warm water is usually sufficient for cleaning cabinet surfaces. If a more thorough cleaning is required, you can use a solution of mild hand/dish washing liquid mixed with warm water. After cleaning with the solution, wipe all surfaces with a clean dampened (completely wrung out) cloth. Immediately following this step; you must wipe all surfaces with another clean and Dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.

Guidelines for Cleaning Glass Doors

Extra care is required when cleaning glass doors. Spray an ammonia-free glass cleaner on a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel and then wipe glass. Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the glass as it could drip and seep behind the window dividers causing damage. Following this; wipe all surfaces with a clean and Dry cloth removing any excess moisture.

Guidelines for Cleaning Spills and Splatters

Clean all spills and splatters immediately with the appropriate cleaning solution.

Prolonged exposure to liquid spills or oil/grease splatters can cause permanent discoloration or damage to your cabinet's finish.

Cleaning Procedures and Tips

Do not clean cabinet finishes with sponges or dishcloths. They may contain particles that could scratch your cabinets. These items may also contain food or oil residue or perhaps even remnants of previously used harsh cleaning solutions.

Do not drape or hang damp clothes or dish towels over cabinet doors. This moisture can and will cause permanent damage such as “peeling” and “discoloration” to your cabinet's finish.

Some household polishes may be used but only on a sparingly basis. Waxing or polishing is not required nor is it recommended. Over a period of time some waxing or polishing compounds may build up on the surface of your cabinets and cause a haze-like, streaky or yellowing appearance. This build-up may be very difficult to remove.

Exposure to direct sunlight tends to darken the color of natural wood products. Sunlight can also cause painted wood surfaces to fade. *If deemed necessary; draperies or blinds should be considered to shield cabinets from direct sunlight.

Avoid Products Containing the Following to Prevent Damage:
  1. Cleaning compounds containing alkaline reagents. They will adversely affect the coated surface.
  2. Ammonia or cleaning products containing ammonia. Ammonia can cause yellowing of lighter colors.
  3. Bleach or cleaning products containing bleach. Bleach can cause yellowing of lighter colors.
  4. Harsh detergents, strong soaps, abrasive cleaning products such as tub and sink cleansers, scouring powder and pads, steel wool, self-polishing waxes.
  5. Silicone-based cleaning, waxing or polishing products.
  6. Solvent-based or petroleum-based products such as mineral spirits, nail polish removers or paint thinners.
Acceptable and Reasonably Safe Cleaning Products:

* This is not, an endorsement or brand recommendation of any form. The end results are still wholly and completely at the users own risk.

  1. Old English Lemon Oil
  2. Murphy (Pure Vegetable) Oil Soap

* If you have any questions or require further information, please contact your product-related “Technical Sales Representative.”