Taking Care of Your CabinetsProper Care for Coated Surfaces

Furniture that has been made to last, must be maintained and cared for properly in order to keep its quality in appearance. Due to its many properties, wood has always been a preferred material for furniture construction. All trees have their own unique character and individually maintain their strength, structure and sensitivity to light and moisture. Wood changes in character over time.

A few tips to follow for proper care and maintenance are:

  1. All liquids should be wiped away, at once. Moisture is the worst enemy of wood furniture.
  2. Tabletops should be protected against heat, liquids and otherwise colored substances. Always protect the surface when using sharp tools.
  3. Furniture made for indoor use should not be used outdoors. In order to keep the color of the wood, direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.
  4. Never put furniture directly against a heater or radiator.