Transitional Kitchens

We get asked quite often what is popular right now. When you ask about kitchens the hot trends we are seeing includes — Transitional Kitchens.  While it is somewhat hard to define it really is a very functional style. A transitional kitchen often has the welcoming warmth of a traditional kitchen with the clean simple lines of the contemporary style. Often a great transitional space comes about as husband and wife compromise on their likes and dislikes. Like all great compromises, it produces a unique space that reflects the taste of both sides and actually combines to make something stronger than they might have gotten with a singular style.


Grey or Gray

Next on our list of Hot Trends is gray or if you’re from across the ocean then grey. We are getting more and more requests for gray finishes and to find hardware that works well with gray or contrasts it nicely.  We aren’t sure if this is an offshoot of the stainless appliance trend or something new starting where people want to bring in colors with accents on a somewhat neutral palette.  Regardless it is our latest discovery.

With our custom cabinet line, we can build any finish that you desire. A basic finish will probably be a five to seven step process once we have the cabinets cut out and built. We’ve had some finishes that take up to 20 steps or more to get the color, distressing, stain and glaze to match the customer’s requirements. Don’t settle from having to pick your color and finish from a board of twenty options.  Come into Dixon Custom Cabinetry and get exactly the finish that you want.